On site welding & fabrication



At MetalWorx Mobile we provide a 6 day on site welding, gas cutting and steel fabrication service. No commercial or industrial job too small.

  • onsite003onsite steel welding and fabrication work
  • gas cutting
  • structural steel services
  • Machinery welding repairs
  • Machinery modifications/additions
  • Bucket repairs/rebuilds and armoring
  • Hard facing
  • Grinding
  • Lifting with truck mounted crane
  • Marine and stainless steel welding
  • General heavy engineering/welding repair work
  • Heavy trailer welding repairs
  • Toweyes

onsite001We have specifically designed mobile plant so we can visit your site ensuring:

  • minimal down time for your plant
  • reduced transport cost

MetalWorx Mobile offer a pick up service for more involved bucket repairs, or boom repairs etc. that
require the workshop access for repairing.

MetalWorx Mobile provides repairs & maintenance on structures, industrial equipment such as conveyors, agricultural equipment, heavy transport such as loaders, diggers, trucks, trailers, horse floats.

  • Deck and side panel onsite002r
  • epairs
  • Swing tailgate kits
  • Tie downs, Tie hooks
  • Tow bars
  • Ramps for loading machines onto the tray
  • Trailer welding repairs (stabiliser arms, spring slippers, spring hangers etc)


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